A first note

Welcome to our first blog post.

At Frank & Earnest we’re all about storytelling, and this blog is our way of sharing stories with you.

Notes in the margin is a loving nod to the many times a story has ignited emotion, curiosity or inspiration in us and prompted us to jot down our thoughts. Our intention is to share our Frank & Earnest take on the world here, and to hopefully inspire a little curiosity, emotion and inspiration of our own.

Our love of story and storytelling runs deep. 

We believe storytelling is innately human; we’re hard-wired for it.

Humans have always used story to help make sense of the world. That’s because stories help us understand who we are and where we came from. They define where we’re going and give us a way to shape how others see us. That’s as important in our personal lives as it is in a corporate sense.

You see, stories connect us. Whether it’s trial or triumph, love or loss, success or failure, we see ourselves in another’s story and we relate to them. It’s beautiful in its simplicity.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and we plan to unearth those stories, one character at a time. No doubt these stories will provoke thought, spark joy, unearth prejudices and ultimately move us, just as stories have always done.

We hope you enjoy our notes in the margins. Please feel free to make notes of your own if a story moves you.