Peita’s telling stories again…

Some kids play sport. Some like to sing or dance. Writing was my thing.

I have a childhood full of poems hurriedly scratched on scraps of paper, chapters of fantastical tales of good and evil, and songs written to vent about heartache or injustice.

First prize in a writing competition around age 10 sealed the deal for me: I would be a (capital W) Writer.

I have fond memories of work experience at my local newspaper in high school and the delight of having something published. There is still something about a byline that thrills me.

Studying journalism at university, I began honing my craft and soon discovered that when you scratch the surface, just about everyone has an interesting story to tell.

A career country newspapers followed. From politicians to the little kid winning the cake competition at the local show, I spent thousands of hours interviewing people and telling their stories.

There’s a knack to getting people to trust that you’ll do them justice. I’d like to think I hit the mark more times than not.

How we connect

You only need to see Humans of New York to realise that stories are conduits for amazing things to happen.

Stories are emotive and I’ve seen time and again the connection we make to others when they bare a little of themselves. I think it’s their humanness that we connect with and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve fallen a little bit in love with the vast majority of the people I’ve interviewed.

So many stories to be told

You see, there are some incredible stories in this community. There are things happening right around the corner that you’d never know about unless someone shed light on them.

That’s one of my driving forces behind starting Frank & Earnest – coming back to my roots to help tell these stories.

It may sound cliché, but I want to make a difference by sharing the stories of those making a difference.

Our greatest desire at Frank & Earnest is to help people and organisations find their voice and tell their stories and we see online as the perfect amplifier. Blogs and social media make it incredibly easy to like, share and comment. It’s now easy to immerse yourself in these stories and find the people, businesses and causes you believe in and want to support.

It’s the strong narrative that ties all this together.