The tale of two friends, both searching for meaning in what they do.


Having worked with organisations with varying degrees of heart, we have learned enough about ourselves to know that we thrive when doing a good job for people who care.

Ours is a tried and true working relationship and we’re told we make a dynamic duo – but don’t worry; we stop short of wearing our underpants on the outside!

Who is Frank & Earnest

With more than 30 years combined experience, we are communications professionals who earned our stripes working with a range of clients in both the public and private sectors.

We are Belinda Benson (aka FRANK) and Peita Vincent (aka EARNEST).

With a background in psychology and a diverse career in marketing, Belinda has the rare ability to see through BS and uncover the kernel of truth that defines exactly what makes a product or service great. She then uses this superpower to craft a killer message.

Peita’s love affair with the written word began early in life and has served her well through a career in news media and marketing. Add to that years of managing teams and you can see why she is a triple threat – she can crack a yarn, crack the whip and crack a funny (sometimes in the same meeting).

Our mission is simple: to work mindfully, with an open heart and an eye on ethics; and to work with people who share the same commitment.