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You may not know it, but your organisation has powerful stories to tell - stories that inspire and provide hope; stories that provoke thought and spark emotion; and ultimately stories that move us and prompt us to act.

At Frank & Earnest, we are brand storytellers. We help you to develop and tell the stories that determine your organisation’s brand - to find your voice, identify your stories and communicate those stories well.

We help you to communicate clearly with your staff, your customers, your supporters, your critics and your community. 

Through words that matter and a straight up approach to marketing, we'll craft communications that connect whether you're trying to reach across the table or across the globe. 

"A few people over the years have interviewed me but no one ever turned my waffling into such a succinct, clear and true representation of my journey and what I want to say. WOW. Shine on." EMMA LESLIE, Executive Director , Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, Cambodia